Roof Repair in Grafton

If you are looking for a residential roofing team that will stop at nothing in the pursuit of roofing perfection for their clients’ homes then you need to contact Borenz Roofing and General Maintenance Service LLC today. Combining a wealth of experience with the latest and most innovative roofing repair techniques, there is nothing that we can’t do. Taking immense pride in the service we offer our clients allows us to deliver a service that may be envied by many of our competitors but is rivalled by very few. So, what are you waiting for? Call our Grafton office today and allow our skilled team of roofing specialists get to work on returning your home’s roof to its former glory. Don’t take chances with inferior or sub-standard roofing repair teams when the number one option is here and available for you to use.

Home Roof Replacement Experts

At Borenz Roofing and General Maintenance Service LLC, we take what we do very seriously. It is for that reason that we will always do our utmost to ensure that all the roofing work we undertake is initially geared toward repairs rather than replacement. That being said, every now and then we will encounter a roof in Grafton where the damage is so significant that roof repairs is simply not an option. When we come across cases like this then a full roof replacement is the only option. While there is no doubt that this job isn’t straight-forward, the reality is that our skilled team of roofing experts are ideally skilled to carry out this challenging task in a quick and effective fashion.

Layering or Stripping a Shingled Roof

If you presently have asphalt shingles on your roof then you may have a decision to make once it comes to deciding how to proceed with new shingles. Depending on what is already there, you can have up to two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof. If you want to keep your installation costs to a minimum then adding a second layer is a quick and effective way of achieving this end. However, if you already have two layers on your roof then adding a third layer really isn’t an option.

This is Going to Get Loud

At Borenz Roofing and General Maintenance Service LLC, we take great professional pride in offering all our Grafton residential clients an honest and upfront service that is without rival. When it comes to roof replacement, this means making sure that you are fully informed of all the attributes and challenges that come with having your roof repaired or replaced. One of the most important considerations to keep in mind in this respect is the fact that work of this nature can get very loud. The scraping and stripping of old shingles combined with the hammering and installation of new ones is going to result in a lot of noise. If you or your children or other family members are particularly sensitive to loud noises then we recommend staying somewhere else during the duration of the roof repair or replacement process.